The novitiate is the initiation into the life of our Institute. During this period, novices, guided by the novice mistress should become more aware of their divine vocation. They should understand and experience the life of our Institute better and mould their heart and mind to its spirit. Novices will spend two months each year in the work of our apostolate, under the guidance of their novice Mistress or another designated sister.

These periods are undertaken only for the purposes of formation and their aim to evaluate the novice’s aptitude for our ministry and to prepare her for a life consecrated to apostolic activity.

During the period of novitiate, the novices will be directed towards discovering the reality of poverty, of work and toil in real life situations, to understand human nature better, to strengthen their will and develop a sense of responsibility and moreover they will be offered the opportunity of living a spiritually enriched inner life in conjunction with an active life. The duration of novitiate is 2 years.


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